Ovation Egg Donor Agency

The Euploid Difference

Our new egg donor agency is changing the face of egg donation with the euploid difference

Our new egg donor agency, Ovation Fertility™ Donor Services, is advancing third party reproduction by providing you with a euploid embryo guarantee®. This guarantee ensures that a chromosomally normal embryo will be transferred after your chosen donor’s egg donation cycle.

The euploid embryo guarantee® at our new egg donor agency has never been done before

Many agencies can match you with donors who help provide you with embryos, but unlike Ovation Fertility Donor Services, they do not guarantee that those embryos will be chromosomally normal.

Many factors make our new egg donor agency and revolutionary Euploid Embryo Guarantee® possible.

  • Highest quality donors. The donors at our new egg donor agency are carefully vetted to ensure you’re only offered the highest quality donor eggs. We guarantee your donor of choice will provide one or two euploid embryos, depending on the plan you choose. If your donor does not produce the guaranteed number of euploid embryos, you can choose another donor free of charge until you receive one or two euploid embryos. Your partner must be able to produce normal sperm to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Most experienced scientists. Our scientists helped to invent an enhanced flash freezing technique called vitrification, which has transformed egg donation by providing the time required for embryos to be screened before transfer.
  • State-of-the-art genetic testing technology. At our new egg donor agency embryologists perform Preimplantation Genetic Screening, or PGS, using Next Generation Sequencing on your fertilized donor eggs to identify the healthiest, chromosomally normal embryos. This screening increases the chance that the one healthy embryo you transfer will result in a live birth.

This leading-edge guarantee eliminates much of the uncertainty that’s inherent in the fertility journey, helping to reduce your stress and enhance your chance of becoming pregnant with just one IVF cycle.

Our new egg donor agency offers you the best chance of pregnancy for a fixed low price

To ensure our euploid embryo guarantee® is available to hopeful parents with unique family-building needs and budgets we offer two plans, which include the Single Embryo and Double Embryo packages.

  • The Single Embryo package guarantees at least one euploid embryo, but we will strive to provide two or more.
  • The Double Embryo package guarantees at least two chromosomally normal embryos, but we will strive to deliver three or more.

The all-inclusive price you pay includes donor compensation, donor medications, clinic fees, IVF lab fees and genetic testing.

Ovation Fertility Donor Services is committed to your fertility success.

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