Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Savannah Pflueger, Donor Services Coordinator

Savannah Pflueger, Donor Services CoordinatorAs a donor services coordinator, Savannah Pflueger serves as a helpful and compassionate guide for single parents and couples who are considering building their family using donor eggs. She meets with new and existing donor egg recipients to help demystify egg donation and support them through the process of selecting an egg donor.

In her role, Savannah aims to provide donor egg recipients with enough data and knowledge to allow them to make a fully informed decision in choosing an egg donor. Savannah says she finds true joy and feels rewarded in being able to help and guide people through the donor egg process.

Savannah has been with OvationĀ® Donor Services since 2022. Before coming to Ovation, she worked in retail as well as in a medical setting as a department head at a laser liposuction clinic. In these roles, Savannah gained customer service and team building skills, which she uses today in her role as donor services coordinator.