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Straightforward Pricing, No Surprises

Ovation® Donor Services offers straightforward pricing, with no hidden fees. We created a model to fit everyone’s needs, with per-egg pricing that makes using donor eggs more affordable. Depending on the number of eggs that the intended parent needs and that their preferred donor has available, a hopeful parent can expect to pay $2,500 to $2,000 per egg.

Number of eggs purchased Price per egg
<4 $2,500
5-7 $2,200
8+ $2,000


Unlike most donor egg banks, our shipping is included in this price. On average, the price of frozen eggs from other donor egg banks is 22% higher than Ovation Donor Services’ pricing.

Egg Bank Cost of 6 Eggs Shipping Total
Ovation Donor Services $13,200

(based on avg $2,200 per egg, as most patients are purchasing ~6 eggs)

Included $13,200
A $14,500 $570 $15,070
B $15,390 $690 $16,080
C $16,500 $500 $17,000


*Competitor list prices from internet.

**Most programs have sperm qualifiers.

Learn more about our unique frozen donor egg program at OvationEggDonor.com.



Ovation Egg Donor Agency

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