Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Jessica Meade, Donor Services Coordinator

As a donor services coordinator, Jessica Meade serves as a liaison who is a kindhearted and focused guide for any person who is interested in building their family through egg donation. She has a passion for fertility, is an ally to all intended parents, and will go beyond expectations. Having previously been a gestational surrogate, she finds true happiness in helping build a family.

In her role, Jessica provides constant support and assists in guiding donors through the process of egg donation. She will walk beside them as they navigate and provide an amazing gift. She also works closely with recipients and fertility clinics to provide quality customer service and assists recipients in continuing to build their families. 

Before joining Ovation Donor Services in 2023, Jessica worked as an officer of the court and developed her skills in customer service and data entry. She has the desire to help others and an overflowing amount of compassion, which she utilizes today in her role with Ovation.