Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Donor Egg Packages

Ovation’s donor egg agency gives you a choice of donor egg packages

Ovation Donor Services is forging the future of egg donation by offering you access to intensively screened egg donors, plus innovative donor egg packages to make your fertility treatment more affordable and effective.

Find donor egg packages that are right for you

If your physician determines that your best chance of developing a healthy pregnancy is through IVF with donor eggs, we will work with you to select the ideal donor from the Ovation database.  We can also help you understand all of our available donor egg packages, so you can choose the best fit for you.

Donor Egg + PGT-A Packages

Ovation’s Donor Egg + PGT-A packages combine high-quality donor eggs with advanced IVF lab services and preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A). This state-of-the-art approach ensures that you receive the highest-quality embryos possible, maximizing your chance of delivering a healthy baby.

  • Single Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package (Patient must pre-qualify; guaranteed to deliver one or more proven euploid embryos or a complete refund).
  • Double Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package (Patient must pre-qualify; guaranteed to deliver two or more euploid embryos or have 24 eggs fertilized in the attempt, whichever comes first.)
  • Affordable Eggs + Genetic Testing Embryo Package (Designed for situations where medical pre-qualifications are not met for the guarantee packages. If frozen eggs are selected, we will fertilize 16 eggs. If a fresh cycle is used, we will fertilize as many eggs as are aspirated, up to 16. We will perform PGT-A on six resulting embryos, with any remaining frozen as blastocysts.)
  • All-Eggs + Genetic Testing Embryo Package (Fresh cycle with all aspirated eggs for use by the intended parents, plus IVF and PGT-A).
  • Two Intended Father Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package (Patients must pre-qualify. Ovation will have fulfilled its responsibility when each intended father has 1 euploid blastocyst or when a maximum of 24 eggs have been fertilized, whichever comes first.)

When you choose a package with PGT-A, you and your physician will receive detailed information about the chromosome count of each embryo, maximizing your chance for a successful pregnancy. PGT-A may help reduce the number of transfers needed to deliver a healthy baby.

Eggs-Only Packages

Our donor egg agency also offers affordable Frozen Donor Egg packages that allow you to select a donor from Ovation’s highly screened pool of qualified egg donors and have frozen eggs shipped to any IVF lab.

  • Six Frozen Eggs Package (Batch of six frozen Ovation donor eggs; if fewer than three frozen eggs survive the thaw, Ovation will provide an additional batch of four eggs at no charge.)
  • Freeze All Eggs Package (Fresh cycle with an Ovation egg donor, in which all eggs are vitrified.)

Blastocyst Package

With our donor egg agency’s most cost-effective embryo package, you can select an Ovation egg donor and be guaranteed to receive at least two frozen blastocyst embryos, which can be shipped to any IVF lab for you to transfer.

  • Two Blastocyst Embryo Guarantee Package (You are guaranteed to receive two blastocyst-stage embryos; does not include genetic testing. Patient must pre-qualify.)

With all Ovation donor egg packages, financing is available to assist you.

Confidence in your care

Ovation donor egg packages are built on fixed, all-inclusive fees, so you will know exactly how much your cost will be and exactly what services you will receive. Our prices include Ovation physician fees, donor compensation, screening and medication, lab fees, genetic testing (if you choose a PGT-A package), and shipping of your frozen eggs or embryo(s) to your fertility specialist.

Contact Ovation Donor Services for more information and help selecting a donor egg package that is the perfect fit for your goals and budget.