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Euploid Embryo Guarantee

Changing fertility care with the Euploid Embryo Guarantee®

The Ovation Fertility™ Euploid Embryo Guarantee® program gives you more than donor eggs. The program provides chromosomally normal, or euploid, embryos for a low fixed price. This exclusive guarantee is the culmination of years of research in IVF, genetics and donor services. By combining the highest-quality donors, with the most-experienced scientists and state-of-the-art genetic testing technology, the Ovation Fertility Euploid Embryo Guarantee® eliminates much of the uncertainty inherent in the fertility journey.

Learn about the Euploid Embryo Guarantee®

Your path to parenthood begins with donor selection. Ovation Fertility guarantees that its donors will deliver one or two euploid embryos, depending on the plan chosen. If your Ovation Fertility donor does not produce the guaranteed number of euploid embryos, you can choose another Ovation Fertility donor free of charge until you receive one or two euploid embryos. To qualify for the guarantee, you or your partner must be able to produce normal sperm.

When addressing infertility, time is of the essence. Under the Ovation Fertility Euploid Embryo Guarantee® program, we guarantee that your donor cycle will start within 30 days of receiving payment. Donor compensation, donor medications, clinic fees, IVF lab fees and genetic testing are included in the cost of your cycle. Our embryologists perform preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), using next-generation sequencing to identify the best genetic profiles, dramatically increasing the chances for a healthy live birth. Ovation Fertility will communicate with you throughout the donor cycle and upon receipt of the PGS results, to keep you informed at every step.

Choose from two embryo packages

Ovation Fertility offers a Guaranteed Single Embryo and a Guaranteed Double Embryo package to meet your unique family-building needs.

  • Ovation Fertility’s Guaranteed Single Embryo package will guarantee at least one transferable embryo, but we will aim to deliver two or more.
  • Ovation Fertility’s Guaranteed Double Embryo package will guarantee at least two normal embryos, but we will strive to deliver three or more.

Ovation Fertility is committed to your fertility success. To learn more about the Ovation Fertility Euploid Embryo Guarantee®, please contact us.