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As an Austin egg donor center with long-standing ties to the community, we’ve supported numerous altruistic women through the rewarding process of egg donation. Over the 20 years our established egg donation clinic has been working with Austin egg donors, we’ve been endlessly impressed by the level of intelligence, commitment and thoughtfulness women in this area possess. If you’re interested in becoming one of our egg donors and helping hopeful parents fulfill their dream of building a family, we’re here to guide you through this rewarding process.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor with Ovation® Donor Services. When you donate your eggs, you change the lives of men and women who are struggling with infertility. Our experienced and compassionate egg donation specialists are here to help you along the way.

What you need to know about paid egg donation

Egg donation is a straightforward process that is made easier by the compassionate and knowledgeable staff at our Austin egg donor center.

Requirements for egg donors. Egg donors must be healthy women between the ages of 21 and 28. In addition, they’ll need to regularly visit our office for four to six weeks to undergo screening and monitoring once the egg donor cycle begins.

Egg donor application process. All prospective egg donors must complete an application that will help us determine whether they meet preliminary requirements. From there, you’ll speak with one of our egg donation specialists who will explain the next steps.

Egg donor health screening. Egg donors have the invaluable opportunity to gain in-depth, complimentary insight into their health. They will undergo screenings that reveal insights about their genetics, fertility and physical health.

Egg donation cycle. During an egg donor cycle, donors must self-administer small injections in the abdomen. The cycle ends with a short egg retrieval procedure. Our staff offers ample support and instruction for all phases of this process.

Types of egg donation. Some women may be selected to be part of our frozen egg bank, which does not require they be matched with hopeful parents. Other women will be placed in our egg donor database to await selection by hopeful parents.

Compensation for egg donation. Egg donors who are selected for our frozen egg bank will begin the egg donor cycle and receive compensation as soon as possible. Women awaiting selection by hopeful parents will receive compensation after their egg donor cycle is complete.

Egg donation is an altruistic experience that provides hopeful parents with the chance to reach their dream of parenthood. It also offers egg donors financial means that could open new doors.

The egg donor’s safety is our top priority

Egg donors can rest assured that their comfort and safety are important to the esteemed fertility doctors and egg donor specialists at our clinic. The journey of egg donation is safe, as we closely monitor the health of each egg donor and promptly answer all questions. We take pride in the joy and sense of fulfillment the egg donors who work with our Austin egg donor center experience.

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