Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donor Compensation

Our egg donor compensation is competitive with other egg donor agencies

At Ovation® Donor Services, we ensure our egg donation compensation is generous and fair. We value the time you dedicate to the selfless act of egg donation and provide compensation for your efforts.

What are egg donors compensated for?

A common misconception about egg donation is that you are paid for your eggs. The eggs that are retrieved after ovarian stimulation are given as a priceless gift to the hopeful parents who selected you. But we do make sure you are paid for your time and effort during the egg donation cycle, which includes many factors.

  • Administration of ovarian stimulation medications. A portion of your egg donor compensation will be for the time it takes to self-administer the ovarian stimulation medications you will need to inject on a daily basis. You will begin administering these medications once you have cleared the prescreening phase of egg donation and have been selected by hopeful parents.
  • Monitoring visits. Frequent visits to your monitoring clinic will be required while you’re on the ovarian stimulation medications. These visits typically include a blood test to check your estrogen and follicle stimulating hormone levels, and occasionally an ultrasound to track the growth of your eggs.
  • Travel time to monitoring clinic. We recognize that some donors need to travel a considerable distance to their monitoring clinic. We make sure their egg donor compensation reflects that time, as well as certain additional travel expenses.
  • Egg retrieval. On the day of your egg retrieval, the minimally invasive procedure will only take about 20 minutes, but there will be time before and after the procedure that you will need to spend in the clinic’s surgery center.
  • Recovery time. Many women feel fully recovered 24 to 48 hours after the egg retrieval.

Ovation Donor Services ensures that your egg donor compensation reflects the time it takes to move through the process of egg donation.

When to expect your egg donor compensation

Donors are always compensated in a timely manner, but you can discuss the specific time frame with an Ovation Donor Services egg donor coordinator.

  • You will receive your egg donor compensation within three weeks of your egg retrieval.

The egg donation process is a rewarding experience that offers numerous benefits for both egg donors and hopeful parents.

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