Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donation Process

The egg donation process is a rewarding experience

Congratulations on your decision to begin the egg donation process with Ovation® Donor Services. You’re offering a priceless gift to hopeful parents, including gay couples and couples who cannot conceive due to female fertility issues.

What to expect from the egg donation process

Egg donation is typically a four- to six-week process that includes continuous support from the egg donor coordinators at Ovation Donor Services.

  • Application. The first step in the egg donation process is completing your application.
  • Prescreening. You will then begin our prescreening process, which involves blood work, an ultrasound and a psychological evaluation. Prescreening allows you to feel good about your health status before you begin an egg donation cycle.
  • Selection. If the results of your prescreening look good, we will place you in our egg donor database where hopeful parents can select you as their egg donor. Or, you can become a contributor to our frozen egg bank and get started right away.
  • Legal consultation and paperwork. You will have a consultation with a legal expert who will walk you through your egg donor contract. You will begin ovarian stimulation when your paperwork is complete.
  • Ovarian stimulation. Our egg donor coordinators will walk you through the necessary medications for ovarian stimulation and will closely monitor you in the weeks leading up to your egg retrieval.
  • Egg retrieval. Your egg retrieval will be a short 20-minute procedure.
  • Compensation. The final phase of the egg donation process is receiving your compensation. The compensation for your time is typically mailed the day after your egg retrieval.

This memorable journey is so rewarding that many women have donated with Ovation Donor Services multiple times.

We’re here to make the egg donation process as simple and gratifying as possible

Ovation Donor Services is committed to making this experience incredibly rewarding for you, and will support you on every step of your journey through egg donation. We recognize your generosity and want you to feel supported and appreciated throughout this process.

Contact us for more information about the egg donation process.