Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Prescreening: Apply To Be An Egg Donor

Apply to be an egg donor and begin the process of helping hopeful parents create a family

You begin the prescreening process with Ovation® Donor Services when you apply to become an egg donor. The application will only take a few minutes and is an important first step in our egg donor prescreening, helping us determine if egg donation is right for you.

Learn how to apply to be an egg donor with Ovation Donor Services

The egg donor application is a simple and streamlined form that provides us with the information to determine if you might be able to produce numerous healthy eggs for hopeful parents in need. Your application will require information about your availability, past egg donation cycles (if applicable), personal medical and psychological history, certain health conditions of intimate partners, and your current lifestyle habits.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when completing your application.

  • Review our qualifications. Before beginning the application, look over our egg donor qualifications to ensure you meet the requirements. Our qualifications were carefully created to help you determine if your eggs can help hopeful parents have a healthy baby.
  • Provide all needed information. As you apply to be an egg donor, be thorough when filling out your application. The application is our initial introduction to you, and it’s important that it be as complete as possible.
  • Ensure that your answers are honest. Honesty is crucial as you move through the application process. We need to know about your medical and psychological history, and current lifestyle, to determine if egg donation is a good option for you.

Our expert staff at Ovation Donor Services is here to answer questions and offer support as you apply to be an egg donor. You can begin your application here.

What to expect after you submit your application

After your application is received, our Ovation Donor Services team will review your information to determine if you meet our requirements. If we feel that you are a good candidate for egg donation, we will be in touch about the next steps, which include an ultrasound, blood work and genetic testing.

We’re happy that you’re considering the incredible journey of egg donation and look forward to reviewing your application.

Contact us for more information as you apply to be an egg donor.