Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donor Qualifications

Our egg donor qualifications allow us to select the highest-quality donors

Ovation® Donor Services’ egg donor qualifications help us to ensure that you’re a good candidate for egg donation. Meeting these qualifications is an important first step when considering becoming an egg donor, as these qualifications are initial indicators that you will be able to provide hopeful parents with the best chance of building their family.

Before applying to become an egg donor, look over our egg donor qualifications

These qualifications have been carefully created by our expert team to ensure donor recipients have the best chance of success.

  • Women aged between 21 and 29 or up to 33 as a repeat donor. Age affects ovarian reserve, a critical factor in determining egg quality and pregnancy success.
  • Healthy BMI. Donors must be in the normal weight range for their height. (Here’s a BMI calculator.)
  • Detailed personal and family medical history. Donors will need to provide health information for their parents, their siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.
  • Commitment and reliability. Egg donation is an incredibly rewarding process that requires donors to be responsible and proactive.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Donors should lead a healthy lifestyle:
    • No nicotine use in the past 12 months
    • No illicit drugs
    • No heavy alcohol consumption

If you have any questions about our egg donor qualifications, our Ovation Donor Services egg donor coordinators are happy to assist you.

Next steps after you ensure you meet our criteria

If you meet the above criteria, you’re ready for the exciting next steps to become an egg donor.

  • Apply to become an Ovation Donor Services egg donor here.
  • Your application will be reviewed and we may reach out for additional information. If approved, we will welcome you to begin the screening process.
  • Screening includes thorough medical, genetic, & psychological testing  to ensure that your health and genetic background meet the requirements to donate.
  • Accepted donors will be welcomed to cycle as soon as screening is complete.

We’re excited that you’ve chosen to provide the priceless gift of helping hopeful parents grow their family.

Contact us for more information about our egg donor qualifications.