Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donor Application Process

Begin the egg donor application process

Ovation® Donor Services is excited that you’ve decided to take the first step to become an egg donor and begin the egg donor application process. You’re beginning an exciting journey that many women find so rewarding, they choose to donate multiple times.

What to expect from the egg donor application process

Your egg donor application is our initial introduction and provides us with the information needed to determine if you’re a good candidate for egg donation. To simplify the application process, consider the following information before you begin the Ovation Donor Services application.

  • Egg donor qualifications. To ensure you meet our preliminary requirements, review our egg donor qualifications here.
  • Schedule. Is your schedule flexible enough to accommodate the time needed to move through an egg donation cycle that typically lasts four to six weeks?
  • Medical history. Knowledge of your medical history is crucial during the egg donor application process. Make a list of any medical conditions you experienced in your past, or are currently managing.
  • Psychological history. Your psychological health is an important factor that can affect the success of an egg donation cycle. Make a list of any psychological conditions you have experienced in the past, or are currently managing.
  • Medical history of current or past partners. Certain aspects of your intimate partner’s medical history may need to be included on your application, as it might affect the viability of your eggs.

When you’re ready, you can begin the egg donor application process here.

What will happen after your application has been reviewed

Once your application has been reviewed, you will hear from one of our experienced Ovation Donor Services egg donor coordinators, who will likely have additional questions. During this time, the egg donor coordinator will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the egg donation process.

After this conversation, you will continue the prescreening process by receiving an ultrasound, blood work, genetic testing and a general medical and psychological checkup. An egg donor coordinator will walk you through each step to ensure this process is as simple and successful as possible.

We congratulate you on your decision to begin the egg donor application process.

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