Ovation Egg Donor Agency

Egg Donor Screening Process

Our egg donor screening process ensures you’re a good candidate for egg donation

The thorough egg donor screening process at Ovation® Donor Services helps to determine the likelihood of a potential donor producing numerous healthy eggs. This screening process results in our ability to provide hopeful parents with the highest quality of donor eggs.

What to expect from the egg donor screening process

Ovation’s thorough prescreening allows you to feel good about your health status before beginning an egg donation cycle.

  • Application. Your application is our initial introduction.
  • Call with egg donor coordinator. After your application has been reviewed, one of our egg donor coordinators will contact you, ask additional questions, and answer any queries you may have about the egg donation process.
  • Initial blood work. You will undergo a blood test to determine your hormone levels.
  • Ultrasound for antral follicle count. This ultrasound will indicate your ovarian reserve.
  • Another round of blood work. The next step in the egg donor screening process involves additional blood work that gives us a more expansive view of your health, including your blood type and potential infectious diseases or drug use.
  • Genetic testing. Genetic testing helps us confirm that you have no genetic abnormalities that could be passed on to any embryos that result from your egg donation cycle.

If your results from this screening are good, you will be added to our Ovation Donor Services database, where hopeful parents can select you as their egg donor.

Why this prescreening is important

The Ovation Donor Services egg donor screening process gives us information that helps to determine the potential results of your egg donation cycle. We want to ensure that your eggs will have the best possible chance of helping to create euploid, or chromosomally normal, embryos for the hopeful parents who select you.

  • Prescreening allows us to learn if you have genetic, psychological or physical health abnormalities that could be passed on to the embryos that result from your donation.
  • Information about your ovarian reserve is gathered during the egg donor screening process. It’s important that you have an abundance of eggs that can be retrieved.
  • The potential existence of sexually transmitted diseases is discovered during screening.
  • Any history of smoking, alcohol or drug use is discussed during this time. It’s crucial to abstain from these substances during an egg donation cycle.

Our egg donor screening process is in place to create the highest chance of success for each egg donation cycle.

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