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Why Should I Donate My Eggs?

We’re here to help you answer the question, “Why should I donate my eggs?”

At Ovation® Donor Services, we often find that women have the same question: Why should I donate my eggs? Always, they discover that the answer involves the priceless gift of helping others create a family. The selfless act of egg donation can be a crucial step in hopeful parents reaching their goal of parenthood, which makes the process an incredibly moving experience for many egg donors.

There are multiple benefits to egg donation

When you decide to donate your eggs, you’re signing up for a process that offers benefits to both you and the lucky couple, or individual, who will receive the eggs.

Change the lives of hopeful parents. Your decision to donate will be life-changing to the hopeful parents who choose you as their egg donor. Many women require donor eggs to conceive because of various factors, such as premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, genetic diseases, repeated IVF failure and other health conditions. Gay couples also need donor eggs to start a family through surrogacy. When you ask yourself, “Why should I donate my eggs?,” remember that the generous offering of donor eggs might be the only chance these hopeful parents have at pregnancy.

Express your giving spirit. Egg donation provides you with a chance to express your giving spirit and experience the joy of helping those in need. Many donors feel an enhanced sense of empowerment after donating their eggs.

Practice altruism. Selflessness often blooms as egg donors move through the journey of anonymously providing a crucial component to the growth of a family.

Receive compensation. Compensation is a consideration for many women wondering, “Why should I donate my eggs?” The compensation you will receive for the time it takes to move through an Ovation Donor Services egg donation cycle creates enhanced financial freedom and stability.

Egg donation is a truly rewarding experience that can transform lives

If you’re asking,  “Why should I donate my eggs?,” it’s wise to obtain as much information as possible about egg donation. While deciding whether to donate your eggs, our expert team is here to help you understand the many facets of egg donation, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • We’re here to walk you through the initial screening.
  • Once you’re accepted as an egg donor, you’ll be placed in our donor database.
  • When hopeful parents select you as their donor, you’ll likely begin an egg donation cycle quickly. Or, you can donate frozen eggs and get started right away.

Our staff at Ovation Donor Services is happy you’re asking questions about egg donation, and we look forward to supporting you on this incredible journey.

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