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As a long-time member of the community, our Nashville egg donor agency has led countless altruistic women through the fulfilling journey of egg donation. We’ve been honored to work with the caring, creative and educated women in this area who possess the commitment to complete a successful egg donation cycle. If you would like to learn how to become one of our high-quality egg donors, we’re here to help you take the next step in this rewarding process.

Discover the basics of egg donation in Nashville

The egg donation specialists at our Nashville egg donor agency utilize compassion, years of experience and clear communication to ensure a woman’s egg donation experience is as smooth as possible. There are numerous steps we guide her through.

  • Egg donor requirements. To be eligible for egg donation, a woman must be healthy and between the ages of 21 and 28. She will also need to regularly visit our office over a four- to six-week period for health screenings and monitoring appointments.
  • Applying for egg donation. A woman interested in egg donation needs to complete a simple application that will help us determine whether she meets basic requirements. Our Nashville egg donor specialists will reach out if she is a good candidate for egg donation.
  • Complimentary health screenings. Egg donation offers women the amazing opportunity to gain insight into the current state of their health. They’ll receive screenings that uncover information about their genetic, physical and reproductive health.
  • Requirements of an egg donation cycle. As a woman moves through the egg donor cycle, she will self-administer fertility medications that consist of small injections in the abdomen. During this time, she will regularly come to our egg donor center for monitoring. This cycle will culminate in an egg retrieval, which is a 20-minute procedure that often has a very short recovery time. We offer thorough guidance at every step.
  • Two types of egg donation. An approved egg donor will be selected for one of two types of egg donation. Being part of our frozen egg bank is one option and does not require a woman to be selected by hopeful parents. The second type of egg donation involves a woman being placed in our egg donor database, where she will await selection by parents.
  • Paid egg donation. If a woman is chosen for our frozen egg bank, she will start an egg donation cycle as soon as possible and receive compensation after her egg retrieval. Egg donors placed in our egg donor database will be compensated after they have been selected by hopeful parents and have completed the egg donation cycle.

This altruistic experience is one that offers extraordinary benefits for all involved. Hopeful parents gain the chance to build their family. Beyond the joy of supporting the creation of a family, egg donors receive financial compensation that could create new, exciting opportunities.

An egg donor’s safety and well-being are our top concerns

All women who work with our Nashville egg donor agency can rest assured that their well-being is our top priority. The expert fertility doctors and egg donor specialists at our agency help to ensure the safety of egg donors by carefully monitoring their health, clearly and promptly answering all questions, and offering any other support the egg donor requires. Because of this, our Nashville egg donors find this experience deeply rewarding and life-enhancing.

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